Driver for docucentre s1810 printer

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Driver for docucentre s1810 printer

Post by zlin » 2018/01/15 04:23:13

Hi, we have a docucentre s1810 printer and I want to use it from my centos 7 desktop. I could not find a working driver for it in the setup... Is there one? Thanks.

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Re: Driver for docucentre s1810 printer

Post by dha-cen » 2018/06/05 17:13:00

Sorry being so late; you may read my post "viewtopic.php?f=15&t=63799" first to understand some basics, being the same for CentOS 6 and 7.

The main issue : Is your printer able to understand PS=PostScript ? If yes, what version ? If no, PCL ? If none of them, you will prabably be lost. [printer control sequences from manufacturer needed; they may be sent directly to the printer (see post)]

My post explains the options you have for PS and PCL.


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