Ruggedized Laptop Overheating

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Ruggedized Laptop Overheating

Post by Gwcraig04 » 2018/04/19 03:18:01

Good Evening CentOS Community! (First Thread)
I hope you’re all doing well. I didn’t think I’d ever make a forum post, or install Linux for that matter, yet here I am in need of some assistance.

Let me preface my question with a quick overview of my computer: a Dell Ruggedized XFR E6420. This champion of the elements survived and operated efficiently in Afghanistan in harsh, very hot conditions. It worked flawlessly and NEVER shutdown due to overheating for nine months solid! It was my dawg. My homeboy. My friend. Not once did it overheat, and it got HOT in the Stan. But that was with Windows.

Literally the DAY I installed CentOS 7 (today), it began constantly shutting down due to “thresholds” on temperature. That ain’t no coincidence. Theoretically, yes, it could actually be overheating, but that’s kind of an in-the-box answer. I need some outside theory here, people.

My questions are as follows:
1. What’s going on? (It is not an actual overheating issue!)
2. Where are the logs to check shutdown events?
3. How do I change/manipulate the threshold?
4. Because I have read that Linux does run hot, what are some tools to manage heat reduction on my system?

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Re: Ruggedized Laptop Overheating

Post by TrevorH » 2018/04/19 08:37:54

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