kmod-nvidia, Bumblebee, CUDA

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kmod-nvidia, Bumblebee, CUDA

Post by parxos » 2018/07/20 09:34:27

Hi all,

I have an NVIDIA Optimus notebook with an integrated and a dedicated GPU. I installed the kmod-nvidia drivers from ELRepo together with Bumblebee from ElRepo which works great. However, I also would like to use CUDA. When I tried installing CUDA using the official Runfile from Nvidia, it told me that my graphics driver is not compatible with CUDA.

When I installed the NVIDIA graphics driver and CUDA together directly from Nvidia, cuda worked flawlessly, but then I couldn't boot into Gnome because Bumblebee from ELRepo apparently didn't work with the drivers directly from Nvidia.

Do you have any suggestions on how I could make this work?

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Re: kmod-nvidia, Bumblebee, CUDA

Post by luoan » 2018/08/17 07:14:25

may be you can install cuda 9.0 from network, just download the rpm network. follow the guide. and use yum to install cuda.

9.1 or 9.2(i do not remember, you can have a try, if wrong, there will be message) may be need nvidia driver that is newer than the driver provided by elrepo, so can not install it

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