Installing Centos 7 on Samsung 850 Pro

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Installing Centos 7 on Samsung 850 Pro

Post by rrer » 2018/08/08 21:21:15

Hello guys,
i am quite newbie in Linux, but already faced up with some showstoppers :)

could you please help me with some weird issue, while installing Centos ?
the main trouble is -
i cannot see my Samsung 850 Pro SSD as a suitable disk for installation.
BUT! I can see my old Kingston SSD if i dettach samsung and attach the Kingston -

therefore, i do not assume, that this issue can somehow correlate with any kind of BIOS (yes, i used old bios, not UEFI) settings, cables, and something else.
But, maybe some parameters should be typed before running the installation?

also tried to search the forum by "850 PRO" keywords - nothing usefull found :(

could you please help?

P.S. Sorry, English is not my mother-language, therefore, please do not puch me for some typos and mistakes :)

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Re: Installing Centos 7 on Samsung 850 Pro

Post by chemal » 2018/08/12 22:52:03

The 850 Pro is a standard SATA drive. If it is properly connected and not detected by Linux, it's broken.

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