Help! CentOS 7.5 Install issues

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Help! CentOS 7.5 Install issues

Post by yonit » 2019/09/17 18:16:55

I have this that is unique to me that I'd like some help please. I have been trying to install a STIG'ed image of CentOS 7.5 to a Dell Precision 5820 tower and after the installation, I get these error during reboot.
47. 431196] dracut-pre-pivot[601]: modprobe: FATAL: Module sha1 not found.
47.835495] dracut: FATAL: FIPS integrity test failed
47.835588] dracut: Refusing to continue
47.859316] dracut-pre-pivot[601]: Warning: /boot/.vmlinuz-3.10.0-862.el7.x86_64.hmac does not exist
47. 791005] Dracut: FATAL: FIPS integrity test failed
48. 568172] System halted

The system doesn't fully boot; I have tried to go to the single user mode to disable FIPS however still have not work. I want to mention that I have successfully installed this same image in another Dell Precision 5820 with no issues. I am not finding much help on the internet; any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


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Re: Help! CentOS 7.5 Install issues

Post by bowwave2000 » 2019/09/28 21:09:22

I'm having the same problem. Only difference is that it complains about sha256 also.

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Re: Help! CentOS 7.5 Install issues

Post by toracat » 2019/09/29 00:17:21

Any reason to install CentOS 7.5? The current version is 7.7 and that is the only one supported here.
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Re: Help! CentOS 7.5 Install issues

Post by pjsr2 » 2019/10/07 19:36:26

The Dell Precision 5820 came on the market Jan 2108. CenOS-7.5 was released shortly after that date.
It could be that the hardware is to new to be supported in 7.5. Try the latest version.

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Re: Help! CentOS 7.5 Install issues

Post by jlehtone » 2019/10/08 14:54:58

yonit wrote:
2019/09/17 18:16:55
STIG'ed image
If that means ... tion_Guide
which says: "STIGs also describe maintenance processes such as software updates and vulnerability patching."
then there is a logical conflict: "patched and up to date" vs "7.5 image".

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