DNSMasq Automatic Static DHCP

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DNSMasq Automatic Static DHCP

Postby MattyShires » 2017/03/20 17:38:07

I know how to set up static addressing and normal DCHP but is there a way to set up automatic static DCHP?
i.e. for it to automatically assign an IP address to a device but from then on always give said device the same IP.

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Re: DNSMasq Automatic Static DHCP

Postby TrevorH » 2017/03/20 17:50:08

That's up to the DHCP server. The client usually (always?) says "I've got MAC address x and I'd like ip Y" and it's down to the server to say yay or nay to that.
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Re: DNSMasq Automatic Static DHCP

Postby avij » 2017/03/20 19:01:06

I believe that's how dnsmasq operates by default. It saves the addresses it has given to a lease file, and looks up the previous IP address from that lease file based on the MAC address when a new request comes in.

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