Help with server port forwarding

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Help with server port forwarding

Post by benpage2 » 2018/03/13 20:05:48

Hi all,

Recently I've gone through the trouble of creating a Minecraft server on centOS 7. I can access the server on my local network using the local ip, but non of my friends can connect from outside. Despite port forwarding the router to the server and writing exceptions in the centOS firewall(I think this is where the problem is), the ports are still closed and I can't connect. I used to validiate this. Any help is appreciated as I am very new to centOS.


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Re: Help with server port forwarding

Post by lightman47 » 2018/03/13 22:12:35

Shot in the dark - port(s) must be forwarded on EVERY device to the next device from the Internet 'modem' to your server.
Does this help?

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