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DNS question

Post by Bigmac_Combo » 2018/03/17 23:59:00

Hello, I have a question about DNS I've configured a Master server on network 172.45.20.X, and I have another Master server on 192.168.X.X. I've added the rules to iptables to allow anyone to query 192.168.X.X and 172.45.20.X. Now I want to query a nameserver @ 192.168.X.X for a record on 172.45.20.X. How can this be done?

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Re: DNS question

Post by dfjkl » 2018/03/20 06:54:28

Are your servers trying to query each other, or clients? Are those servers strictly authoritative or caching as well? This is probably best configured on the caching systems via forwarders for specific domains. You don't really provide enough information.

It would probably be good to run through some of these documents:
https://www.digitalocean.com/community/ ... naging-dns

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