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SSH & pkttyagent

Posted: 2017/09/10 05:55:21
by N8tiv
Hello All,

I started reading the man pages about a week ago via SSH, although the reading can be a little extensive…
DEFINITELY, some very useful info in there!

I started with "man nmcli", then "man nm-settings" & somehow ended up at "man polkit"… :-)

As a frequent SSH user into my CentOS 7 box, how often do some of you have to deal with polkit and/or pkttyagent?

Any kind of feedback, even that kind of indirectly involving any of the subjects would be interesting to hear.

Thanks in advance,


Re: SSH & pkttyagent

Posted: 2017/09/10 06:09:55
by N8tiv
As I read on in the man pages for "polkit", it almost sounds like this could be used in conjunction for security purposes?

Possibly adding another layer of security for the "root" & any other user?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, it's just how I'm interpreting it as I read on in the man pages… :-)