Popcorn time VPN

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Popcorn time VPN

Postby clayvligon » 2017/09/20 07:56:28

Ok I have been using CentOS 7 lately and trying to get familiar with its features. I have installed popcorn time on CentOS by following this thread viewtopic.php?t=50581 and it was easy. Now my issue is where I am stuck at is I also want to use a VPN with this operating system. Since I am no expert in the networking area I would like you guys to recommend me a good VPN provider which works best simultaneously with the OS and popcorn time too. This blog https://www.vpnranks.com/best-popcorn-time-vpn/ has some nice information but I am not able to pick one.
Need your opinion and advice!

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Re: Popcorn time VPN

Postby taylorkh » 2017/10/10 20:35:29

I do not use popcorn time. However, I do have access to two VPN providers. Usenetserver provides a "free" VPN as part of an annual Usenet subscription (probably why I do not use popcorn time) :mrgreen: I also have a VPN account with ProtonVPN - from the same folks who provide ProtonMail. Proton has a "free" service if you would like to try it and also paid accounts, with more servers etc. for about $4 a month.

Both services can be accessed via Openvpn. You can setup connections with the NetworkManager-openvpn or NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome packages. Note the atypical spelling. Or you can connect to the VPN using openvpn on the command line. I prefer the latter as I can set it up to eliminate DNS leakage and when the VPN connection drops all Internet traffic stops until I restart the VPN. Ask if you need assistance to set it up.