some unclear topics for firewalld

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some unclear topics for firewalld

Post by haltcentos » 2017/12/31 02:55:27

I want to configure firewalld for the following tasks;

a_ all traffic outgoing from untrusted must be rejected (not dropped by firewall)

b_ all traffic outgoing from must be rejected except for https and smtp traffic

c_ traffic aimed at the proxy server must be rejected unless it originated from or

d_ https traffic must be accepted from everywhere but log to the system log file

for a_ and b_
I could not understand what outgoing means here. How can I put "outgoing" traffic into firewall-cmd syntax?

for c_
On same server I installed and configure squid proxy where I allow incoming port 8000/tcp requests on the loopback interface.

for d_
I had added already https into public zone

Code: Select all

firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-service=https
how can I log it into system log?

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