SSH Dropping Connection

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SSH Dropping Connection

Postby tyrhoads17 » 2018/01/22 12:39:51

As I'm working from my client machine(Win 7) and SSH into a CentOS 7 machine I frequently drop connection. I'm using Putty to SSH. I am activity working through SSH so inactivity shouldn't be an option for losing connecting. I viewed the messages logs on the CentOS 7 machine and here is the log that indicates the drop: Jan 11 16:59:59 system konea: 2018/01/11 16:59:59 [ERR] yamux: keepalive failed: i/o deadline reached

There are no duplicate Ip on the network. The CentOS does have Centrify installed. I'm not sure if Centrify would control ssh dropping connection after a certain time frame or limit?

I did check the switch and the client is indicates a tcp-reset when the the ssh connection drops from the CentOS machine.