Fresh CentOS 7 does not see my WIFI

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Fresh CentOS 7 does not see my WIFI

Post by a7az0th » 2018/05/01 06:19:40

Hello guys,

I am new to CentOS and just installed my fresh copy of CentOS 7

However I am experiencing a strange issue. My WIFI module seems to be working, as I can see some WIFI networks around me, however I can see only about 3-5 networks when I know I should see about 15. What is more interesting is that my personal network is not among the few displayed, even though the signal is over the roof as my laptop is located next to the router. I really have no idea what to do about this and need some help.

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Re: Fresh CentOS 7 does not see my WIFI

Post by avij » 2018/05/01 08:44:22

I would think this is a frequency issue. Perhaps your laptop's wifi is using 5 GHz frequencies and your router uses 2.4 GHz, or vice versa.

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