UPnP AV control?

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UPnP AV control?

Post by JustSomeGeek » 2018/06/20 15:49:53

CentOS 7.5 Server, and desktop. Sony STR-DN1040 Amp, Sony KD65X850BBU TV

Server runs MiniDLNA.

In Windows, I can just right click media files and send them to the Amp or TV. Job done, as part of the newer Windows Media Center builds since Vista/

Seems it's not so easy in Linux. I found: http://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upplay/ which seems to do what I want, and has a Fedora version. But I'm too stupid to work out how to adapt things to work in CentOS (yet). Has anyone got this to work on CentOS, or knows or something else that would do the job, natively?

I know I could use Wine or my Win VM, but really trying to wean myself off it all, and it doesn't really solve the problem.

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Re: UPnP AV control?

Post by bonedome » 2018/06/25 12:37:56

I use kodi and universal media server https://www.fosshub.com/Universal-Media ... -7.1.0.tgz to stream to my tv via my ps4.
I found a working kodi 16.1 rpm here https://www.stotinkaos.net/stotinkaOS/repo/7/x86_64/ install with yum to pull in dependecies which are many.
UMS needs port 5001 open, java and mediainfo installed, kodi needs upnp/dlna switched on.
Hope this helps

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