Centos 7 network performance Hyper-v 2012 r2

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Centos 7 network performance Hyper-v 2012 r2

Post by supercrs » 2018/07/02 06:45:54

Hello All,

I have a issue with centos 7 on Hyper-v 2012-R2. The network performance is poor.

I try this :
Disable Firewall
Install Host integration for HYper-v
Change profile with tuned-adm profile
Test with nfs / smb ... iperf

With another OS (Ubunutu 16 / or debian 8) i have best network performance under VM.

I have good performance on all other systems. I do not think hyper-v is the culprit.

Interesting thing: My network card in the VM negotiates good at 10000Mbps gold copy I do not exceed 100mbps as if the card was falsely negotiate

I have a 7.4 Xen on network. I will tested installed a centos 7 to see...


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