No network on host

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No network on host

Post by 3limccombs » 2018/07/26 02:50:32

Hello all!

I have set up a CentOS 7 virtual host and have several VMs running on the host right now, all are working properly, most are CentOS servers.

This server does have a UI. However it’s not getting an IP Address from the DHCP server which is one of the VMs. All other networking is functioning properly except for the host machine. I have an intermediate amount of knowledge of CentOS but my knowledge doesn’t run deep. I have knowledge of virtual machines. Prior the CentOS host I ran several ESXI hosts without issue.

This issue I’m facing now has me stumped as to why the host is not getting an address but virtual machines residing on the host and other devices throughout the network are working properly.

I’d appreciate any help that can be offered, I do have physical access to the server for any updates someone might need.


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Re: No network on host

Post by tunk » 2018/07/28 17:46:15

Your host cannot get an IP address until the VM DHCP server is up.
It takes some time for the VM to boot (a minute or two?) and this may too long for your host.

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