My server is unable to connect publicly

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My server is unable to connect publicly

Post by tomg84 » 2018/09/05 22:23:29


I have a dell power edge and have cents 7 and cPanel on it.

It’s installed but I am unable to get cPanel support to connect to the server, although I granted access, they said it’s a network issue that’s stopping me from accessing the server public up address, as I am only allowed to gain entry with a local up. I have even gone to lengths of disabling my router firewall. Please can someone suggest anything that might help me. Thanks

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Re: My server is unable to connect publicly

Post by TrevorH » 2018/09/06 18:09:39

You would need to supply some information in order for anyone to help you. Network details? Config files? Firewall? Port forwarding?
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