Internet issues when server plugged in

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Internet issues when server plugged in

Post by FurnaceRocker » 2018/09/09 01:41:30


I recently set up a machine running Centos as a samba media server, running plex. I've noticed that when I plug my server in the wifi in my house gets killed. The router never has any issues broadcasting, but when I'm browsing the web I'll often have issues getting webpages to load. I'm not sure if the problem is if my network can't handle it (I have a 100Mbps network, so it's very possible), or if there is a different issue. Logically in my head I don't think there should be an issue when the server is connected because it's not actually accessing the internet, only using the home network, but I have certainly been wrong before, and I'm not an expert in anything in this realm. It has the issue whether someone is accessing the server remotely or not.

I'm confident that the issue is the server because if it isn't plugged in the network works fine, and when I plug it in the network is immediately slower and has issues with connecting to the internet.

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Re: Internet issues when server plugged in

Post by TrevorH » 2018/09/09 10:32:09

Has your CentOS system been compromised? Some models of domestic router don't handle many connections at a time and a compromised system can often fire up loads of them when the network first becomes available - e.g. trying to send spam etc.
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Romario Picari
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Re: Internet issues when server plugged in

Post by Romario Picari » 2018/09/10 09:19:07

I have the same problem , Installed fresh CentoS 7 on new server , have installed only apache and mysql to run a php page localy on my office.

I have tried stopping both services but nothing changes.

Only when i plug my server on network this happens.

I used iptraf to check taffic and it goes crazy from 40mbps to 90mbps .

Please help !!
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No1 is using this one and as u see its accesed locally , its blocking my whole network.
I wonder where all this data uploaded go !!!

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