What am I missing?

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What am I missing?

Post by Nomadic » 2018/09/25 16:05:42

Hi guys,

This is really probably something basic but it's had me scratching my head a bit. I've only started playing with Linux the last few months, currently a trainee technician and and completed Computing Science to A-Level but networking in practice is definetly a newer aspect to me. I have got a VPS I've not made use of and am hoping to put it to use setup like below, I've played around with one or two builds and

VPS (host specification)
Centos 7
4 vCPUs
200GB disk space
1 Static IP

example.tld as a registers domain, registrar pointing to NS of hosting provider, in proprietary control panel directs to the static IP assigned to my VPS.

3-4 virtual machines running either Ubuntu or Centos minimal servers. Guests connected to host with NAT. Host's firewall will be set enable port forwarding, masquerading enabled, ports relevant to each guest appropriately forwarded to the local IP of that guest and the mirrored port.

Guest1 (a.example.tld)
- 2.5gb RAM; 30gb Storage; 1/2 vCPU
- LAMP & Mail Server (to host site at example.tld)

Guest2 (b.example.tld)
- 2.5GB RAM; 80gb Storage; 1 vCPU
- OwnCloud, ResilloSync

Guest3 (c.example.tld)
- Occasional Use
- 4gb RAM; 30gb Storage; 2/3 vCPU

I'm working on the assumption that using FQDN is a safe bet, and to amend the hosts files for the VPS and guests to ensure they point to the respective machines? Do the guests need to be utilising specific name servers? The play around I had with my old provider as contract expired, the guests were having trouble connecting beyond the VPS host, alternatively a reattempt had the host stuck communicating to the guests. Now I'm on a fresh setup I want to make sure I've got a better idea of what I'm doing.

Any advice or constructive criticism/insults welcome :)

Thanks in advance

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