CentOS 7 Iptables Help

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CentOS 7 Iptables Help

Post by sbuchanan0613 » 2018/09/25 17:15:22

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I am running the latest CentOS 7 release with an external and internal NIC and have an idea in my head for routing traffic. Within Iptables I can specify --owner --gid-owner <gid> to match specific inbound traffic. What I want to do is match this "gid" traffic and DNAT this (ssh) traffic to a machine that is sitting behind this CentOS firewall/router. However my gotchya is if the gid doesnt match, I want to route this other traffic to port 22 on the localhost. In my setup, I cant just setup a NAT rule with an obsolete port. Basically from the outside, typical ports can be open where as non-typical cannot. If anyone has any ideas of how to accomplish this please let me know.

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Re: CentOS 7 Iptables Help

Post by TrevorH » 2018/09/25 18:51:13

I'm pretty sure that uid matching in iptables only works for outbound packets not for inbound.
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