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Re: Ethernet Connection

Post by fdisk » 2018/11/19 14:31:27

stzanos wrote:
2018/11/19 14:17:15

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[root@dhcp181-physics-ntua-gr stamos]# systemctl status dhcpd.service -l
Nov 19 14:52:56 dhcp181-physics-ntua-gr dhcpd[15100]: No subnet declaration for enp3s0 (no IPv4 addresses).
Nov 19 14:52:56 dhcp181-physics-ntua-gr dhcpd[15100]: ** Ignoring requests on enp3s0.  If this is not what
stzanos wrote:
2018/11/19 14:17:15
How would the DHCP server know which Ethernet port I'm referring to, anyway?
dhcp will not work if there is no interface with matching IP-setting available.
stzanos wrote:
2018/11/19 14:17:15
When I try to use your details, it doesn't let me continue, unless I select a Gateway:
Try gateway

And just to be said: you don't need a dhcp server if rpi has a manual configured IP.

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