Plesk Server and DNS

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Plesk Server and DNS

Post by martin.schaible » 2019/03/21 22:14:27


We have three Webservers powered by Plesk and a fourth one without Plesk. This server will be the slave DNS Server:

MyServer1 - Webserver and Master DNS Server
MyServer2 - Webserver, bind is running
MyServer3 - WebServer, bind is running
MyServer4 - Slave DNS Server.

Syncing Master DNS Server and Slave Server is a no brainer: Plesk offers a free UI-Extension to creates the files. Quit nice.

Now the challenge: How can "copy" the local zone files from MyServer2 and MyServer3 to the Master DNS Server? Or in other words: Server MyServer1 should be the Master DNS Server of all Webservers.


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