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FTP Outside

Posted: 2019/03/26 04:47:24
by Meraj95
Dear Sir,

i have configured VSFTP and now i want to access the same from outside network so kindly help me how can i do this.

Re: FTP Outside

Posted: 2019/03/26 13:31:15
by jlehtone
Does this fishing wisdom apply?
Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
Are you familiar with: ... ity_guide/
and firewall: ... _firewalls

That said, you do have ssh-access by default. The ssh allows rsync and sftp. An ssh connection is authenticated and encrypted.

Are you sure that you need plain old ftp?

Re: FTP Outside

Posted: 2019/03/26 13:57:28
by TrevorH
Wherever possible, plain ftp should be avoided as it's insecure. All login details are sent in plain text, including passwords.

Re: FTP Outside

Posted: 2019/03/27 05:47:32
by Meraj95
yes , tell me that how can i access my vsftp from outside network, any document guide ?

Re: FTP Outside

Posted: 2019/03/27 19:07:29
by aks
Briefly (because this so 1980s), access to the FTP control port (21), then, depending on how you've configured FTP (ports 20 aka FTP-DATA or ephemeral ports (by default, something like 32768-65535)). Things like NAT and firewalls can get in the way, in the sense that if they "understand" FTP they can dynamically adjust allowed or denied based on traffic flows, but oif they do not, they will get in the way.

But beyond all that, in the initial phase, you need to "connect" or "publish" the FTP port to the internet.

And as Trevor said, don't do that it's really dumb.

Re: FTP Outside

Posted: 2019/03/30 00:47:05
by sevendogzero
I use vsftp also and publish/control access through my hardware firewall. It works perfectly.
For example, I only allow ftp access from specific ip addresses.
I also do not use any anonymous ftp access.

My ftp service is connected to a Centos 6.9 server, but I'm converting to Centos 7 and will
need to do the same thing.

If you have a static ip service from your internet provider, it makes it a little easier. Before adding
any A records under your domain, you can just use your static ip from outside until you want to
publish the service more official manner.

Are you wanting to connect to your ftp server from outside (WAN) side?