Sudo is not working on my centos7.3

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Sudo is not working on my centos7.3

Post by xq10907 » 2017/08/16 08:05:35

Hello guys

I post the problem in general support but could not solve the issue,so switch to this forum for additional help :)
I added local user test to /etc/sudoers via visudo as follows

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## Next comes the main part: which users can run what software on
## which machines (the sudoers file can be shared between multiple
## systems).
## Syntax:
##      user    MACHINE=COMMANDS
## The COMMANDS section may have other options added to it.
## Allow root to run any commands anywhere
root    ALL=(ALL)       ALL
test    ALL=(ALL)       ALL

then su to test,run command as root get error says the user in not in sudoers file,please give some suggestion,thanks

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[root@ark-centos-smb4 ~]# su - test
Last login: Tue Aug  8 01:03:48 PDT 2017 on pts/0
[test@ark-centos-smb4 ~]$ sudo ls /root/
[sudo] password for test:
test is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.

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Re: Sudo is not working on my centos7.3

Post by avij » 2017/08/16 08:14:11

Please don't make multiple topics about the same issue. Further replies should be posted in the original topic. Closing this topic.