KSM for SNMPv3

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KSM for SNMPv3

Post by matheus_abbade » 2017/08/18 21:18:33

Hello guys :)

I'm trying to use ksm in snmpv3, but I'm kind of stuck :(
I use kerberos v5, and I used
./configure --with-security-modules="ksm" -with-cflags="-I/usr/include" --with-ldflags="-L/usr/lib64 -lkrb5 -lk5crypto -lcom_err"
to configure the compiler. After that, the "configure-summary" was:

>SNMP Versions Supported: 1 2c 3
>Building for: linux
>Net-SNMP Version: 5.7.3
>Network transport support: Callback Unix Alias TCP UDP IPv4Base SocketBase TCPBase >UDPIPv4Base UDPBase
>SNMPv3 Security Modules: ksm usm
>Agent MIB code: default_modules => snmpv3mibs mibII ucd_snmp notification notification-log-mib target agent_mibs agentx disman/event disman/schedule utilities host
>MYSQL Trap Logging: unavailable
>Embedded Perl support: disabled
>SNMP Perl modules: building -- not embeddable
>SNMP Python modules: disabled
>Crypto support from: internal
>Authentication support: MD5 SHA1
>Encryption support: DES AES
>Local DNSSEC validation: disabled

I would like to know if anyone here have ever tried to configure this and could give me some help with it.
Thanks for the help,
Matheus Abbade.

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