SELinux couple of questions

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SELinux couple of questions

Post by dimko » 2018/02/11 04:09:37

Hello fellow Geeks,

Trying to get consistent understanding of SELinux

Can already solve real world problems, but I am lucking solid understanding.
Anyone has any good documentation?

I am struggling to understand modules/rules. I can understand following: user:role:type:range I understand difference between user in OS and user in SELinux,
But where rules are coming from? Where modules come from? I need detailed manual with explanation of every concept that concerns. Which brings to actual problem.
  • Problem 1:
I have read this: ... Completion

Auto completion doesn't seem to work for me. Lets say I type

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semanage logi
' I hit TAB and nothing happens, when supposed to autocomplete to '

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semanage login
Does it work for anyone else?

I have Centos 7, freshly updated. semanage is installed today. Virtual machine(KVM). AMD64 issue reproducible from window of VM and from SSH. General autocompletion works fine.
  • Problem 2:
And second question that bothers me. Does SELinux have its own set of regular expressions?
From same documentation: 'The "

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" regular expression causes semanage to apply changes to web/, as well as the files in it.' Why not

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Re: SELinux couple of questions

Post by aks » 2018/02/25 14:09:20

1) Auto-complete

Yes, bash can auto complete things, but you usually have to tell it how. Usually this is implemented as a function, stored under something like:
Do you have anything in there that will do selinux auto-completion?
If you do, check it's permissions, se context and so on.

2) Regex

No, SELinux uses (one of the countless) regex's available (I think Perl's is still considered the most complete). The () in regex is a capturing group. See if you don't know what a capturing group is.

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