SELinux couple of questions

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SELinux couple of questions

Postby dimko » 2018/02/11 04:09:37

Hello fellow Geeks,

Trying to get consistent understanding of SELinux

Can already solve real world problems, but I am lucking solid understanding.
Anyone has any good documentation?

I am struggling to understand modules/rules. I can understand following: user:role:type:range I understand difference between user in OS and user in SELinux,
But where rules are coming from? Where modules come from? I need detailed manual with explanation of every concept that concerns. Which brings to actual problem.

    Problem 1:
I have read this:

Auto completion doesn't seem to work for me. Lets say I type

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semanage logi
' I hit TAB and nothing happens, when supposed to autocomplete to '

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semanage login
Does it work for anyone else?

I have Centos 7, freshly updated. semanage is installed today. Virtual machine(KVM). AMD64 issue reproducible from window of VM and from SSH. General autocompletion works fine.

    Problem 2:
And second question that bothers me. Does SELinux have its own set of regular expressions?
From same documentation: 'The "

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" regular expression causes semanage to apply changes to web/, as well as the files in it.' Why not

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