recommended security settings for a basic desktop system?

Support for security such as Firewalls and securing linux
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recommended security settings for a basic desktop system?

Post by CNoob » 2018/03/23 12:50:39

I am new on Linux and Centos7. I have installed the latest Centos7 as minimal install with KDE.
Currently (for testing) i use Virtualbox under Windows 7 to install Centos7. later it will be installed correctly without Virtualbox.
Later i want to use the Thunderbird Email Client.
I want to have a secure desktop system (as much as possible) for me as private person.

The most finds in the www are for server systems and not for a basic desktop system.

I know i must disable services and uninstall unneeded packages. But i don't know which services and packages.
Can anyone help me please?

is it really necessary to separate the partitions fo my Desktop system?
is it useful to install aide? Or there are other useful IDE for my system ?
is there any gui or webinterface for audit?

Have you other helpful suggestions for me?

Thank you!

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