certbot is doing things that i dont undersand

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certbot is doing things that i dont undersand

Post by mySKILLZ » 2018/07/07 10:12:58

hello everyone who will read

i have a certbot error

when i finish installing certbot succesully got warm welcoming messages in the email, but my url is having a https error
saying that
1.it's unsecured while i have finished it

please check for urself https://isoko.hopto.org

i dont know why im getting this type of error while i have finish all the steps in my vps

tell me what do i have to edit one more time maybe in ssl.conf file? or somewhere else in order to get it done

2. its point to /var/www/html while i had set it to point somewhere else like my http://isoko.hopto.org does

please help me here

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Re: certbot is doing things that i dont undersand

Post by TrevorH » 2018/07/07 11:24:42

You're getting that warning because what you have installed is a self signed certificate, not one from a recognised and trusted certificate authority.
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