what is CentOS ?

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what is CentOS ?

Postby clayvligon » 2017/09/07 10:23:30

Hey Guys I am new here and recently I have been involving myself to all the new technological advancements taking place in this world. Why ? Because of my Job :)
So can anyone of you please explain me in simple language the working of CentOS and its advantages and disadvantages ?

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Re: what is CentOS ?

Postby TrevorH » 2017/09/07 11:38:27

CentOS 5 died in March 2017 - migrate NOW!
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Re: what is CentOS ?

Postby bestia » 2017/11/11 08:01:52

TrevorH wrote:http://www.centos.org/about

Hi !
Can I use Fedora as a Linux-learning platform and use CentOS as server?

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Re: what is CentOS ?

Postby Rdube123 » 2017/11/21 06:43:55

CentOS(Community Enterprise Operating System) is a free operating system based on linux kernel and derived from RHEL(Rad Hat Enterprise Linux) distribution.