A quick Mythtv question

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A quick Mythtv question

Postby moucina » 2011/08/25 10:28:39

Hello Guys,

I have a quick question for the mythtv enthusiasts on centos . I am planning to move my mythbox from a 32bit fc14 installation onto centos 6 64bit to escape the dreaded update cycle . My question is would I be able to compile my dvb drivers and run them on a stock centos 6 kernel or do I need to move over to centosplus kernels .

Best Regards

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A quick Mythtv question

Postby Rambler » 2011/08/26 01:43:03

Hi Milorad,

I'm running MythTV on CentOS 6 64-bit. I'm using the stock kernel and my Nova T-500 DVB card runs fine.

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