CentOS to 64biti !!!

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CentOS to 64biti !!!

Postby ingcartun » 2010/03/29 06:52:09

Hi all,

I install on my desktop CentOS 5.4 to 64biti. When I try to install the program what I need (ANSYS12) I type the command:

sudo ./INSTALL

Beside of there "INSTALL" I have other option of install "INSTALL.LM".

What command is correct betweens him, because the effect is the same, with message which look like this: ".... INSTALL succeed"

Fortunatly the efect must be install the programs, but in my case don't begin.

What can be the cause because is happend this? Missing something from my installation, must be activate other option ?

I waiting much early an answare of my question.

Best regards to all. :-(

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CentOS to 64biti !!!

Postby pschaff » 2010/03/29 17:06:37

Not sure what your question has to do with either the subject of the thread or CentOS. Your best bet would seem to be ANSYS support.

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Re: CentOS to 64biti !!!

Postby ingcartun » 2010/03/30 06:10:57

Hi pschaff,

I find the problem: siftware is corupted someware, not linux.

You have write, but my first impresion it was that linux have a problem not software.

Thank you for support .

Best regards

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