traceroute responses through firewalls

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traceroute responses through firewalls

Postby teancum144 » 2012/01/05 01:23:47

Any tips on getting responses through the firewalls of intermediate routers? I've tried the following:

traceroute -T [ip address]
traceroute -T -N 1 [ip address]
traceroute -T -p 80 [ip address]
traceroute -T -p 80 -N 1[ip address]
traceroute -I [ip address]
traceroute -I -N 1 [ip address]


traceroute -T -p 80 -N 1

is the closest to tcptraceroute, however, some claim that traceroute is not as good as tcptracerout:

Although that exchange was from 2007.

I'm trying to get responses from all intermediate routers. Tips?