Compiling driver modules (missing kernel headers)

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Compiling driver modules (missing kernel headers)

Postby marcelops » 2012/03/04 12:30:18

Hello guys,

I have been facing some problems with a NIC on my CentOS 5.6 box, and my next attempt is to use the newest version of the driver.

It's a Intel e1000e, I have already downloaded the latest version (1.9.5), and now I need to compile it.

When I first tried to compile it, I got:

[font=Courier]Makefile:71: *** Kernel header files not it any of the expected locations.[/font]
[font=Courier]Makefile:72: *** Install the appropriate kernel development package, e.g.[/font]
[font=Courier]Makefile:73: *** kernel-devel, for building kernel modules and try again. Stop.[/font]

Then I just did what he asked:

[font=Courier]yum install kernel-devel [/font]

And, as I got the same result, I tried:

[font=Courier]yum install kernel-headers[/font]

Both commands finished nicely. It asked me to confirm, then it downloaded the files and installed the package properly. I don't need to recompile the whole kernel, I just need to be able to compile the driver in order to make my network card work.

Could you help me out with this kernel compiling issue?


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Compiling driver modules (missing kernel headers)

Postby TrevorH » 2012/03/04 13:34:31

Yes. Don't do that. Google ELRepo instead then use their repository to install kmod-e1000e.