Compiz config options?

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Compiz config options?

Postby Phaethar » 2012/02/10 14:03:15

Hey all,

We're deploying a handful of CentOS 6.2 systems to use as developer workstations in the office. Everything is working properly on that front. Some of the users like having desktop effects enabled to give things a smoother feel, so I've enabled Compiz on these systems, which works fine. However, one of the "features" is the "hot corner", which will display all open windows anytime the mouse is moved to the top right corner. Which means every time someone goes to close a window, this happens. The top right corner seems like the worst possible place to put an option like this. To make things worse, I can't find any way of changing or disabling this feature.

So, how can I configure compiz? Searching has given me things like gnome-compiz-manager and CCSM, neither of which are available on CentOS 6. I can't find a config file anywhere. How to I change this? I'd like to either move it to a more sensible corner, or disable it entirely, while leaving the rest of the desktop effects enabled.

This is on a fully updated CentOS 6.2 64-bit install.


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Re: Compiz config options?

Postby ha1f3mpty » 2012/06/30 00:59:30

Phaethar -- I dont know if you found the option or not but just in case, and for future generations, here is the SOLUTION.

Open up the CompizConfig Settings Manager

Go to the Window Management section

Click Scale

You will see "Initiate Window Picker"

You will see the default setting of "TopRight"

Click that button and a graphic of a desktop will pop-up

Click the top right green highlighted spot to deactivate

Now click some other hot spot to make it the new trigger

I choose the BottomLeft