BMC problems on Centos 6.2

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BMC problems on Centos 6.2

Postby innovanube » 2012/02/29 14:18:03


I have this scenario:

3 x IMB x3455 7984 BMC config:10.10.11.x/16 GW OS IP:10.10.10.x/16 GW, using CentOS 6.2 OS
1 switch Dell 5212 Gigalan
1 Control Pc IP GW

OS Centos 6.2, with OpenIPMI and ipmitool (from CentOS repositories), BMC configured from BIOS and set passwords

and level privilege using ipmitool on each node (same privilage to mpcroot user and same pass), set status on too.

Description: units starts all on power off, then BMC ports are accesible from PC, have ping and can chassis power

on via ipmitool -I lan ... chassis power on on the three units, SO boots well.

After boot: BMC can hear my pings, ipmitool -I lan... answer can connected to LAN, from each unit using ipmtool

can access lan configuration using ipmitool lan print 1, all parameteres appear correct, arp show the BMC IP and

MAC incomplete and IP and MAC from OS correct, all machines are full sofware operative, runnig ssh, httpd, named,


Tested: with another switch no DELL, cable crossover with one unit and the PC.

Any suggestion are wellcome!!!

Thanks in advance

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BMC problems on Centos 6.2

Postby pschaff » 2012/03/03 13:07:09

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