CentOS 5.2 + Irssi

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CentOS 5.2 + Irssi

Postby hippo1 » 2008/12/04 10:40:46


Did a fresh install to my new pc hw with Centos 5.2 and now tried to install Irssi onto it.

Ok, the installation went well, I think, as I didnt get any error messages during the compilations and so :)
I did the installation by the guides in the INSTALL file which came with the Source files package.
However the irssi won't run when starting it in the prompt.

Any hints where to start to solve the problem?


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CentOS 5.2 + Irssi

Postby toracat » 2008/12/04 12:55:35

In an rpm-based distro like CentOS, installation from source is highly discouraged. Please see:


irssi is available from rpmforge. This CentOS wiki explains how to set it up:


irssi installed from rpmforge works just fine on CentOS.