Professional 2D and 3D graphics applications

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Professional 2D and 3D graphics applications

Postby meboto » 2011/02/03 02:38:34

What professional 2D and or 3D apps are available that run native to Linux, specifically Centos.

Also, if you have a linux graphics pipeline for animation, and you can talk about it, please post whatever info you can in here. I would be very interested in hearing what is available out there.

Please do not include wine or emulation.

Also any links to info or articles related to this would be helpful.

I am aware of blender, so please don't mention that.

Thank you anyone that can help with this.

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Re: Professional 2D and 3D graphics applications

Postby jlawer » 2011/02/03 04:14:05

gimp is a 2d raster editor (similar in use to adobe photoshop) and is in CentOS.

I did a quick search through the yum repos for the following software in CentOS, but didn't see it (doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just I didn't find it).

inkscape ( is a popular 2d vector image editor (similar in purpose to adobe illustrator or freehand).

blender ( is a 3d modeler (similar in purpose to 3D studio max or Maya).

There is a lot of software relating to 2d & 3d graphics in the Linux / Open Source ecosystem. I would recommend you look for the app that does what you would like and then see if it is in CentOS rather then the other way around.

The other issue I would consider is that CentOS (Community ENTERPRISE Operating System) will likely not have the latest and greatest of these packages in the base repository and you will either have to look at CentOSPlus. I greatly respect the work of the CentOS developers, but it would not be my choice for a designer's workstation. The Enterprise requirement means that many of the underlying libraries are a few years old, and make it difficult to run certain software that uses only recently introduced features.

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Professional 2D and 3D graphics applications

Postby pschaff » 2011/02/03 14:06:25

I have seen references to Autodesk Maya running on CentOS, but no personal experience.

As far as the older packages, RHEL6 has been out for some time so CentOS 6 is in the works. Meanwhile, if interested in that, check out the Scientific Linux 6rolling beta release.

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