Sabayon Desktop Editor / remote server / vnc

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Sabayon Desktop Editor / remote server / vnc

Postby reformat » 2012/01/05 07:55:18

System: centos 5.7 hosted on Hyper-V/Windows 2008R2 server.
Sabayon is installed and runs perfectly when using the system console but unfortunately the hardware is 100's of miles away. When accessing sabayon (or centos in general) through windows connect there is not mouse. When accessing sabayon using vnc, sayabon fails when the Edit button is clicked. I have tried different vnc connections (freenx, Realvnc,Jollysfastvnc etc:) without success.

I have replicated the system and the issue easily by installing a local sever with centos 5.7 and then accessing by direct console and by local vnc with same results.

Does anyone have a work around for managing Gnome desktops remotely ??

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