Issue with caching-name server

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Issue with caching-name server

Postby apadillav21 » 2012/06/11 18:46:29

Hi community,

I have a question.
My scenarios are the following:

Machine 1
- Runnig a CentOS-5.8 x86
- Bind caching-nameserver 9.3 with 3 domains is running without issues
- Webserver apache with 3 web pages, status is running without issues
- Database mysql, status is running without issues.
- IP

In this machine all processes are running as they should be.In other words this machine is working excellent !.

Machine 2

- Running CentOS-5.8 x86_64
- Bind caching-nameserver 9.3 with 1 domain
- Webserver apache with 1 domain
- Datamase mysql
- IP

However, in this machine the domain is not responding. I executed the command nslookup and the line command responded that the domain do not exist and showed me the local ip to machine 1 machine 2, all queries are answered the DNS server located in machine 1.

I edited the files "host" server1 and the "resolve.conf" nameserver, nameserver and the DNS server in machine 2 and the machine 1 share the same IP public.
This machine do not resolve the domain.

If I not indicate in the file "resolve.conf" the nameserver this machine 2 doesn't have access to internet only have access to local network.

In my router I setted up the DMZ zone for this machine (machine 2) and the issue persists.

Please your help and support to know what I need to do.

Best Regards
Andres Padilla

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Issue with caching-name server

Postby pschaff » 2012/06/11 19:43:32

It should be no surprise that name resolution does not work without a proper resolv.conf entry. Whether in the DMZ or not, those are private non-routing IP addresses and cannot be seen externally unless ports are forwarded by the router. I don't think the same external ports can be forwarded to two different private IP addresses.