centos 5.8 netinstall iso tg3 driver issue

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centos 5.8 netinstall iso tg3 driver issue

Postby bthorpe76 » 2012/11/02 19:29:47

Hardware=Dell R620
CentOS version = 5.8

I am having problems with Dell R620 and using the centos 5.8 i386 netinstall iso. I am using dhcp on eth0 which loads the tg3 driver that is part of the netinstall iso. This driver behaves erratically and the interface goes down. Is this a known issue?

If not I would like to build a netinstall iso using a different vmlinuz and initrd.img which has an updated driver from tg3. I would like to get the kernel config that is used for making a netinstall iso and better if this is documented somewhere. I cannot use CentOS 6 at this time. Thanks all for your help.