dell poweredge R160 raid drivers

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dell poweredge R160 raid drivers

Postby j1mw3b » 2010/06/10 13:06:31

Hi. I am new to this forum. Have used CentOS (and RHEL) on desktops and servers, but now am faced with a new challenge.

We have a Dell Poweredge R160 server.

We must get CentOS 5.3 running on it. Later on why not 5.5.

If I try to install a vanilla 5.3 DVD, the install gets to a certain point and thens throws up a popup that it cannot find a driver for this device, then it shows a list of all of the Raid drivers. I have tried each of them and none are valid for "this device".

Then went to Dell's website and found several drivers all in "*.img" format. The Dell instructions say to "dd" the images to diskette and then do "linux dd" (or "linux expert dd") to install the driver when it gets to that popup.
Problem is we don't have a diskette drive on the box. Dell then said I can use the iDRAC (remote admin tool) to mount the diskette remotely.
I didn't try this because even when I hit the F2 key (load a driver from another device), 5.3 installer doesn't even ask me for the device.

Now the bad part - reason we must get 5.3 installed is because we have a product that loads from a "kickstart" dvd and that dvd just hangs at the point where vanilla 5.3 installer goes to the popup (non-gui) for a device driver for the "device".

I am still not sure which of the Raid drivers from Dell will be required so would like to include all of them on the kickstart dvd.
So I think a few questions:
1. is there a way to take these several diskette images from Dell and put them on a CD as multiple driver set?

2. Is there a way to take these several drivers and "slipstream" them into the kickstart dvd.
I have the capability to rebuild the kickstart dvd from source also if need be.

3. I am concerned these Dell drivers are not even compiled for the correct kernel and the source is available, I believe. Should I just rebuild the drivers under 5.3?

Dell only supports RHEL (and Windows and I think Suse enterprise), not CentOS so they aren't very willing to help out.

I've spent a lot of time googling all of this stuff and haven't found a similar issue. And this is my first experience with a kickstart build installation.



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Re: dell poweredge R160 raid drivers

Postby AlanBartlett » 2010/06/10 13:56:19

Welcome to the CentOS fora.

The recommended reading for all new members is the FAQ & Readme First.

Dell only supports RHEL (and Windows and I think Suse enterprise), not CentOS so they aren't very willing to help out.

As the stated aim of the CentOS Project is to be 100% binary equivalent to RHEL, and as CentOS 5 is built from the same sources as RHEL 5, you should tell Dell Support that you are attempting to install RHEL 5.3 . . .

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Re: dell poweredge R160 raid drivers

Postby j1mw3b » 2010/06/10 15:09:24

Understand what you are saying and do plan to call them back - need to find a RHEL 5.3 first (we have them around here somewhere, I'm sure) and see if get the same results as Centos 5.3. Dell's administrative CD that lets you install certain operating systems and somehow they check the CD label or something and detect it is not RHEL 5.3. I suspect maybe somehow that admin tool somehow loads the correct drivers.

Have to check the label or whatever of the Centos 5.3 and try to figure out what they look at to distinguish RHEL from Centos.

And........ even if I get that working, still am left with how to insert the new drivers into the kickstart.



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dell poweredge R160 raid drivers

Postby pjwelsh » 2010/06/10 15:16:18

Dell R610, maybe? ;)

I feel your "no-support-for-you" pain from that Dell person. I have had that issue before. Not always, but a couple of times. I've gone so far as to lie and say RHEL... They almost seem bi-polar with CentOS-vs-RHEL questions... sometimes not a problem sometimes a fight...

Which controller does your R610 have (PERC 6 or H700)? The PERC 6i on the R710 is fully supported with CentOS 5.5. I don't personally know about the h700. You will need to install additional Dell driver for 5.3 or you will not be in compliance with Dell's minimum driver version. Please don't start with 5.3!

Helpful places for Dell servers and CentOS/RHEL/Linux are: ... y/firmware ... nliner.htm

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