Centos 5.7 on HP BL 465c G6

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Centos 5.7 on HP BL 465c G6

Postby tovukman » 2012/04/02 20:31:54


I have issue while installing Centos on this blade. This is Centos configured with Kickstart.
Installation stuck while trying to perform default installation, also in Text-mode.
I tried with noprobe option but installation cannot find kickstart file (although file path is correct).

There is error message saying: cannot find (cdrom://ks/ks.cfg) but file is there.

DVD is not corrupted, installation stuck when probing keyboard layout (when not appending ks as boot option).

What to check now?

Many thanks in advance,

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Centos 5.7 on HP BL 465c G6

Postby pschaff » 2012/04/03 11:49:33

First, you should not be trying to install 5.7. The current/supported release is 5.8. If that fails to work I'd suggest trying CentOS-6.2 LiveCD or LiveDVD. That may at least enable you to provide more information about your system by running "./getinfo.sh" and showing us the output file, even if you do ultimately need to install CentOS-5.