Simple question - How to install DHCPd?

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Simple question - How to install DHCPd?

Postby BrianBuchanan » 2007/12/13 15:09:46

This is a simple question, what is the command to install a dhcp server under CentOS 5? Perhaps I simply don't know the package name but yum install dhcpd doesn't work. I've also added apt and RPMForge and apt-get install dhcpd also doesn't work.

Or, if you could tell me a way to search packages or where to find a package list (for CentOS 5.1) I could probably figure it out from that.



Edit: the package name is simply 'dhcp' The dhcp client is dhclient. interesting.. yum install dhcp got me going.

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Simple question - How to install DHCPd?

Postby gerald_clark » 2007/12/13 15:45:47

yum install dhcp

'yum list' is your friend.

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