How to enable Load Blancing in Linux box ?

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How to enable Load Blancing in Linux box ?

Postby mypass604 » 2010/10/27 08:22:15

I am using centos with two physical LAN cards. Some times one of our internet link goes down so the entire network stop. Now there are two different ISP internet lines coming into a single computer in their respactive lan cards for load balancing.
Kindly guide me that how can I enable Load Balancing in my Linux Box.

If one ISP goes down the load balancing server will use teh second one and vice virsa.
Thanks in advance.

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How to enable Load Blancing in Linux box ?

Postby sparkcom » 2010/11/03 23:22:52

One of my clients use pfsense for load balancing and it is an excellent piece of kit. It's not CentOS but based on freebsd. At least it is open source :-)

It got WEB GUI for easy management.

I trust you can install some packages and make Centos into a network balancing router. But something outthere is already doing a great job.

If you insist using Centos, you can have a look at this article

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