ping problem

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ping problem

Postby hektorenzo » 2011/11/17 18:49:08

hello centos ppl! i have really big problem im trying to solve it for 2 days.
im newbie in centos 5.7 (using vmware 6.5) and i want to get connection with windows - i mean:
when im writing ifconfig i see IPaddr and everything,
when im pinging my ip addr all is OK.
when i try to ping mine router OR mine vm ip addr, says its host is unreachable. ... 7&forum=40

i saw this post but im totally newbie. some1 can say me step by step how to do that?

in addition - i have wlan connection with realtek s8191 adapter. if i need to install drivers, some can say me how to do that on centos PLZ?
like i said im using centos 5.7 in vmware 6.5 and my system is win 7 x64. THANKS A LOT PPL :) w8ing for response :)

ps. sorry for my english ;)

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Re: ping problem

Postby mmoryto » 2011/11/18 08:30:56

What is address of your VM, address of your PC and address of your router.
Include your:

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


and ping results.

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Re: ping problem

Postby hektorenzo » 2011/11/18 14:43:27

napisz do mnie na gg jak mozesZ: 3146741 bo widze krakow :)

soz guys i replied in polish cuz i saw this friend is from mine country :)

mine ip -
router ip
virtual machine ip and

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Re: ping problem

Postby hektorenzo » 2011/11/18 17:10:47

soz i forgot to added result from "route":

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ping problem

Postby pschaff » 2011/11/22 18:43:00

Just posting the text for the requested information would be preferable to images.

You show three different class C private (non-routing) networks. You don't say how the virtual network on your VM is set up - Bridged or NAT - nor why you have two different virtual networks. Bridged is usually easier to get working correctly if you need to interact with other systems on the LAN.

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