Remove not needed services?

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Remove not needed services?

Postby jackieonassis » 2007/12/19 22:12:34

i have Cent 5.1, 64bit, and all I want to run is HTTPD - MYSQLD - VSFTPD. how can I uninstall and turn off all of these other services that I don't need. Things like cups and other stuff that I dont need?

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Remove not needed services?

Postby scottro » 2007/12/20 03:34:33

There's a page up at where he goes through various services and what it's safe to disable. It's for Fedora, but can be applicable.

To disable any particular service you can use chkconfig. Its man page is pretty clear, my only complaint about it is that it only takes one argument at a time.

What I do, if, for example the server is booting into level 3--if you boot into level 5 just change it

chkconfig --list |grep "3:on" |more

There's usually a huge list. Then I just do

for i in service1 service servic3 service4; do /sbin/chkconfig $i off;done

Be conservative though. Although this is a poor example, as it's in Fedora desktop, rather than a server, recently, turning off the ConsoleKit service broke sound for non-root users. .

There's also a GUI tool to manage services. There's also a curses based ntsysv which will work on the runlevel you're in when using it--in other words, if you run it in runlevel 5, it won't affect runlevel 3. There's another command service--similar to chkconfig, I seldom use it, simply because my habit is chckconfig, but it's probably more popular these days, againwith a pretty straightforward man page.

(As the saying goes, in Unix, there's always more than one way to do something with the corollary that someone will think your way is moronic.) :)

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Re: Remove not needed services?

Postby NeilParks » 2008/01/10 17:39:56

Follow the simple instruction given on this page:

Create the file specified and reboot. The application that lets you select and deselect services will appear before the bootup finishes. Make your selections and exit the program. When the login prompt appears, reboot again.

That should do it.