LVM2 raid1 and LUKS issues

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LVM2 raid1 and LUKS issues

Postby jvalencia » 2012/08/21 17:21:11

Hi, I wanted to ask some questions regarding LVM2 and LUKS.

I have a lvm2 raid1 on my system and my kernel has a "rd_NO_DM" and "rd_NO_MD" parameters. What are they for? My raid is working even with them enabled.

Kernel also has "rd_NO_LUKS" and my luks partition keeps working at boot. What is it for?

I tryed to disable automount of luks partition on fstab, but It keeps ignoring the "noauto" option.
How can I disable automount of luks at boot but still be able to mount it easily as:

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# mount /luks-partition
# password: *********

Also, my luks partition is only 1GB of personal data (nothing serious) but without password at boot my system won't boot at all.
Is this intended even if that partition is not needed by the system?