moving to cloud hosting (need to implement configuration compliance scans)

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moving to cloud hosting (need to implement configuration com

Postby tolland » 2012/01/08 16:34:06

Hi all,

One of my clients is moving some of their services to a 3rd party cloud hosting provider with a relatively new service, and has requested regular security auditing of these boxes with reports. Their software is targeted at CentOS 5.6/5.7 and hence they won't be moving to 6.x for some time.

For the compliance audit I see that there is an XCCDF for rhel 6.x in the scap security guide project -

But I didn't find anything obviously similar for CentOs 5.6/5.7

Does such a thing exist for rhel5/centos5 versions, or do I have to tailor a general benchmark checklist, or something similar?