Logwatch question.

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Logwatch question.

Postby DaemonProgrammr » 2012/01/30 10:54:33

One of the more valuable tools in managing my CentOS machine has been proven to be 'Logwatcher'. I love it to bits.

One section of the Logwatcher though, mentiones:

--------------------- httpd Begin ------------------------

Connection attempts using mod_proxy: -> 8 Time(s) -> 8 Time(s) -> 8 Time(s) -> 7 Time(s) -> 7 Time(s) -> 7 Time(s)

Doing some research, mod_proxy is typically used as just that: a proxy server. It's configurable in httpd.conf and seperate conf files in the httpd conf (sub)directory( /ies).

But what I'm wondering:
The fact they were 'attempts', does that mean it failed?
Or am I unwittingly running an open proxy mirror?

I'm not using any proxy mechanisms or utilities (as far as I'm aware of). Would it be a smart thing to comment out the LoadModules for the proxy functions in httpd.conf?
Or am I missing something and would I break stuff? To be honest, those lines in Logwatch do make me a bit nervous..

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Logwatch question.

Postby pschaff » 2012/01/30 11:00:41